Welcome to the official website of James Hornsby, the cartoonist, artist and illustrator who has created work for games, comics and tv shows (if you count women’s wrestling tv shows that air briefly in Canada, WHICH I DO). I’m best known for my work on my pro wrestling web-comic, Botched Spot, but you can check out other examples of my work below! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to contact me at jhornsby20@gmail.com!

Ruthless Rex on the Ceratopsian Circuit

Pages from a graphic novel I’m working on about the prehistoric art of stage fighting.

Botched Spot

Comic strips from my pro wrestling webcomic, Botchedspot.com.

Dr. Ed Poole

Pages I wrote and drew for “Dr. Ed Pool“, a comic created by Dustin Murrell, published in 2018.

Suplex Serenade

Illustrations I drew for the book “Suplex Serenade” written by Chris Ingham, published in 2019.


Short story I created for the zine “Brainbuster” published in 2019.

Cowgirl Ninja

Alternate covers and backup stories I drew for the comic “Cowgirl Ninja” written by Dustin Murrell, published in 2018.

Hex Games

Illustrations for various role playing games by Hex Games.